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  •       Established in 1958, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine (CCUCM) was originally called Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For the past 50 years, adhering to the spirit of educational innovation and developing specializations with the motto “Absorbing essence, Esteeming virtue and modern technology”, the University has successfully developed a system for teaching, research, medical treatment, management and personnel training. It has become a new type of university, one that has a holistic approach to education; embracing diverse branches of medicine, science, engineering, management, and the humanities. As the only Chinese medicine university in Jilin province, the institution enjoys an esteemed reputation and can grant Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree.
         In the new century, based on brand, discipline and talent, CCUCM seizes development opportunities by building its reputation in the TCM field and extending its reach, which resulted to a number of remarkable achievements. We have post-doctorate mobile stations in Chinese medicine and Chinese pharmacology, which is ranked the 7th and 9th in the National Doctoral degree evaluation. In the academic assessment/evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, the university achieved an excellent result. The Jilin Ginseng Research Institute, established in coordination with the Jilin provincial government, is the national clinical research base for Chinese medicine. Prof. Ren Jixue has been honored as a recipient of the following accolades: “Norman Bethune Medal”, “National Doctor”, and “Jilin’s Pride”.  

         The total land area of the university is 547,000 square meters including a construction area of 376,000 square meters. The main campus is located at Jingyue Economic Development Zone, adjoining the Jingyuetan National Forest Park.  

         Presently, the university has 15 majors for Undergraduates, 22 granting authorities for Master’s degree, 2 for Doctoral degree, 2 Post-doctoral mobile stations and 1 Post-doctoral innovation research station. Currently, the university has 9870 students, 2027 faculty and staff, including 163 professors, 369 associate professors, 6 tenured professors, 52 PhD advisers, 245 master’s degree advisers, 1 “National Doctor” and “Norman Bethune Medal” recipient, 3 national outstanding teachers, 29 professors honored with a special subsidy by the State Council, 16 young specialists doing important contributions for Jilin province and the country, 6 senior experts of Jilin province, 3 “Famous Teachers”, 2 “New Century Excellent Talents” as recognized by Jilin Education Department, 2 prestigious teachers, 1 new century chief-professor, and 17 “Jilin Eminent Chinese Medicine Doctors”.  

         The academic departments include Pre-clinical Medicine College, Chinese Pharmacology College, Acupuncture & Moxibustion and Massage College, Humanities and Administration College, Nursing School, International Education College, Clinical Medicine College, Graduate School and School of Continuing Education. The non-academic departments include the Library, Modern Technology Center, Research and Development Center, Ginseng Institute and etc.  

         The university has 4 construction bases for national specialized majors, 2 construction bases for provincial specialized majors, 8 "Twelve-Fifth" specialized majors in the provincial level, 3 national classic courses, 16 provincial classic courses, 41 provincial excellent courses, 9 provincial excellent teaching teams, Editors of nationally recognized Eleven-fifth and Twelve-Fifth guidebooks, including 38 textbooks, 1 nationally recognized experimental zone for training innovative personnel, 1 National Cultural Quality Education Base for university students, 5 provincially recognized experimental teaching centers, 16 provincially recognized ministerial key disciplines, 11 provincially recognized ministerial key labs, 1 nationally recognized clinical research base, 1 nationally recognized standardized Pharmacology Lab, 1 provincially recognized Ginseng Research Institute, 1 provincially recognized Modern Chinese Medicine Engineering Research Center. The teaching and research instruments of the university is valued at RMB 89,160,000. The library has a collection of 11,430,000 volumes some of which received excellent scholastic evaluation and published in academic journals of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine and Jilin Chinese Medicine.  

         Approved by the State Ministry of Education, the university has begun enrolling international students since 1992. The International students cover undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD candidates. The university has established friendly ties with more than 20 countries and their respective research institutions, and held international Chinese medicine conferences a number of times.  

         Standing at the threshold of a new beginning, the university will focus more on strategic planning to improve the quality of the school through the “Twelve-Fifth” standard or even beyond to achieve a sustainable increase in enrollment, a campus expansion, a faculty made up of more distinguished doctors & educators, a State-qualified & Ministry-approved academic reputation, and more faculty recipients of National awards & recognition. We are dedicated to becoming a first-class Chinese medicine university with our own distinctive characteristics in teaching and research.  
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