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    Greek Epirus Region Delegation Visits and Signs Cooperation Agreement

    source: Date:Dec 7, 2016

  •       On September 29, the Greek epirus regional President Alexander Kelly, with 8 people were invited to visit by a delegation, the party secretary xing-hai zhang, vice President Leng XiangYang, Qiu Zhidong met the guests.

          Secretary xing-hai zhang introduces the development of the school situation, actively explore the further strengthening of schools and universities in Greece and the cooperation and communication of scientific research institutes. Kelly said epirus district is Greece''''s main farming forestry region, is also the area where the Greek herbal medicine resources is the most abundant, but the development of Greek traditional herbal excessive shock by modern western medicine, hoping to draw lessons from the precious experience of inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine in China. Leng XiangYang health work was introduced, it establish the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center, and party in Greece. Qiu Zhidong responsible for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) census was introduced, with the greek-cypriot in epirus regional identification of herbal medicine work has carried on the thorough discussion.

          Xing-hai zhang on behalf of the school and the university of ioannina, secretary of the President George karp Mr Rees signed a cooperation agreement, the two schools on personnel exchanges, in Greece to establish more to explore traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center, etc.

          Jilin province people''''s government foreign affairs office xiao-yu sun, chang, Qian Yingchao to attend the meeting. School party committee office, hospital, school of acupuncture and massage, library, international exchanges and cooperation on comrades attended the meeting and activities.

          Ioannina university was founded in 1964, the global top 500 ranked in the top, the teachers and students in school more than 20000 people, is a comprehensive university is developing rapidly, there are 17 departments, the medical school ranked first in Greece.

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