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    IEC New Year Party 2017

    source: Date:May 23, 2017

  • The afternoon of January 5, 2017, "2017 international students and foreign experts in the new year's celebration" sponsored by the International Exchanges and Cooperation Department and the Institute of International Education, was held successfully in the Four City Theatre.President Chen Changbao was invited to attend the party.    


    In the past years, the international students who came from 21 countries and regions in our school have exceeded 200 people, reaching the highest scale since its runing in the beginning of the 1992 .In order to make students active in the international cultural life, let them feel the deep affection of teachers and students, and strengthen the communication between students, International Exchanges and Cooperation and the International Institute of Education held this evening after prepared,. Students from Pakistan, Nigeria, Garner, Thailand, South Korea, Sultan, South Africa, Djibouti, India, Cuba and other countries brought exotic songs, poetry, dance, drama and other programs, expressed their wishes for the new year, their longing for family and friends as well as to China wishes, love. China wind song co students also brought songsspun with foreign experts and students to greet the new year. The whole program is full of positive energy, you Zibianziyan show, relaxed and natural, full of simple local flavor, let the scene China students and teachers by the infection, but loud shouts of applause.    


    At the gala, honorary certificates were awarded to international volunteers for outstanding performances in the past year. The school management institute, the library principal responsible comrades and some classroom teachers attended the party activities    


    After the party, the school also held a buffet dinner for international students in the student canteen    


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