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    Vice President of Russian Acupuncture Association Visits

    source: Date:May 23, 2017

  • From March 13th to March 15th, the vice president of the Russian Association of acupuncture-Katzke came to visit the school with 7 people.vice president Song Bailin, President Leng Xiangyang met with the visiting delegation, the provincial adminisration of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology department director Leng Rongjiu, Jilin province BeiYao medicine processing limited company chairman Gong Xiaoying participated in the meeting. The two sides have conducted board and extensive exchanges of cooperation between Chinese medicine and Russian medicine, and reached consensus on further cooperation in the cultivation and processing of Chinese herbal medicine.   


    R & D center Professor Zhang Hui, Professor of pharmacy Kang Daesung, respectively, to visitors who made a special report. The Russian delegation during the visit also visited the northern medicine base, Jilin Province Chinese Medicine Museum, seven BaiCaoYuan and other relevant units and departments. School run, science and Technology Department, Affiliated Hospital, Pharmaceutical Institute, R & D center, international department and other related departments attended the meeting.   


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