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    2023 Russian Chinese Medicine Short-term Study Group Students Activities and Students International Communication Association (SICA) 8th General Assembly Successfully Held

    source: Date:Sep 25, 2023

  • On September 24, the 2023 Russian Chinese Medicine Short-term Study Group students activities was successfully held in classroom 3203, Sixiangcheng Building. The event was attended by eight Russian teachers, and students with students of the Students International Communication Association (SICA).

    First of all, the members introduced themselves, and then began the game. In the game "Pass the Flowers on the Drums", the two sides sent representatives to introduce the unique food, scenery, culture and so on in their respective hometown, which enhanced the cultural exchange between the Chinese and Russian students. In the afternoon activities, Russian teachers and students learned to write“Sino-Russian Friendship” with Chinese brush; Hanfu dance, guzheng performance, Russian song and dance, guitar singing and other performances show the collision and integration of Chinese and Russian culture. Finally, everyone played taijiquan and Baduanjin to finish the activity perfectly.

    During the intermission, SICA held the first meeting of all members after the admission, and the teacher  introduced the basic situation of SICA and previous activities to the new members. After that, a presentation  about the 2023 international distance learning program was given.

    This activity not only let the students understand Russian culture, but also improved the students' ability to communicate with foreign students. The new and old members of SICA cooperated with each other, to enable new members to integrate into the SICA family more quickly.

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